The Dyslexia Support Centre

About Us

Practitioners at the The Dyslexia Support Centre  are highly trained experienced educational specialists, committed to supporting individuals with Dyslexia and their families.


Julie Burley

Our principal staff member is Julie Burley. She specialises in working with all ages from school age children and young adults to adults.

Julie understands the way difficulties with Literacy can affect every aspect of a person’s well-being. She is committed to helping people overcome difficulties in the areas of Literacy affected by Dyslexia. She continually keeps up to date with the latest and most effective programs to help her students to succeed, in spite of their learning difficulties. 

Julie has years of experience supporting students with Learning Difficulties in an Educational environment.

Julie also works with clients who are having difficulties with literacy learning but have not been diagnosed with Dyslexia.

Julie is an accredited Cracking the ABC Code Educator , Associate Member of The Australian Dyslexia Association  and SPELD Educator and Assessor.