The Dyslexia Support Centre

Parent Information Sessions

At The Dyslexia Support Centre we understand that Dyslexia does not only affect the person experiencing the difficulties. The whole family is often affected by the consequences.

Many children with dyslexia have difficulty recognising their innermost feelings and may demonstrate avoidance behaviours such as losing equipment, toileting needs, tardiness, interrupting others, clowning around and failing to start or complete work. Often students are labelled as ‘lazy’ when the true reason for these behaviours is the shame of not being able to read.

At the other end of the spectrum, depression is also a frequent complication with dyslexia. Depressed children and adolescents don’t always demonstrate depression in the same way as adults.

At The Dyslexia Support Centre we provide private and group information sessions on request to assist parents to understand the condition and the possible consequences of learning with Dyslexia.

We will explain the implications of living with dyslexia and suggest simple accommodations that can support Dyslexic sufferers.