The Dyslexia Support Centre

Regular Weekly Sessions

At The Dyslexia Support Centre we use a client centred model of therapy which encourages active involvement of the person with dyslexia and their families in goal setting and action planning, to meet the priority needs of the client.

We use a program based on firm theoretical research and proven practice in language and literacy skills.

Just as with any therapy, the success of the program relies on the client and their support team to teach and follow up with practice activities at home between weekly visits.

  • We will meet with the client and their family support person to discuss their priorities regarding the program.
  • The client and a support person meet weekly with our educator, when concepts are reviewed and new concepts taught. Then exercises are given to reinforce these at home throughout the week.
  • Together the client and their family support person practice these at home before returning the following week. The client does not do the work alone.
  • The program used is structured and sequential and can be used immediately in daily activities.