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The Dyslexia Support Centre



Kylie Murphy

Jess was struggling with her reading and spelling. the work that she has done here, in this program has improved her sounding-out of words incredibly. Therefore, her reading has improved. The pictures of the diagraphs have assisted her knowledge of the sounds of certain combinations of letters and in time, this will hopefully help increase her spelling abilities, along with the rule cards. I love the rule cards. I find myself even thinking about them. Thank-you.

Angela Hallett

I felt very supported throughout the program and Julie always made herself accessible, and lessons and information were always well communicated and organised. I have been thrilled with the improvement in Hugo's confidence and application in the classroom. He is a much calmer and happier child from the start of the year.

Scott Ramsay

My daughter attended this 12 weeks program to improve her reading skills and vocabulary, and the work program has successfully moved her from a Grade 3 level to a Grade 4 level of understanding. This course was very beneficial.

Sharyn McGhie

This program is extremely beneficial and it works!! The evidence is in the progress and massive improvement that my son has achieved. He is 9 years old and has been doing this program for the past 7 months. He has accomplished academic goals in a short span of time that I once thought "were impossible to reach". His school attendance is not 100% and it has boosted his confidence in the classroom and his everyday life. I, as a mother, now have the tools, resources, support and a better understanding of dyslexia. There is nothing greater or more rewarding than witnessing the smile on my son's face when he overcomes the challenges of reading and is able to read the books he loves. Thank-you.

Alex Whitney

Excellent program. We saw a real improvement and Nick received "Most Improved" certificate for the semester - proof the program worked!

Lisa Hutchison

The program would not achieve the same results without Julie Burley! She is our saviour and has achieved more in 11 months with Mitch than 6 1/2 years of schooling did.

Belinda Simpson

I met with Julie when my son was first diagnosed with Dyslexia. She provided me with a wealth of information and reassured me that there were many ways to help my son overcome the difficulties he was experiencing. She supported me in advocating for my son at school by providing me with a number of strategies and documents to take along when I met with his teacher. I found Julie very knowledgeable and willing to share that knowledge freely to help and support me.

Susan Hilbourne

Julie assessed our son when he was referred with learning difficulties and was able to provide a detailed report with many practical suggestions to assist him in class. We found her both knowledgeable and very willing to share advice and information with us to ease any worries we had.

Belinda Coombe

Julie is a fantastic teacher. She was quick to diagnose areas of reading and spelling that my child needed assistance in. She developed a program that was specifically focused on these areas of need and also integrated concrete resources (that my child so desperately needed) into this program. Julie also provided a very easy-to-follow homework program so that we can continue to reinforce the skills learned in her sessions at home. My daughter loves doing the homework that Julie sends because it is specifically focused at her ability level. In a very short period of time my child has developed a greater repertoire of phonemic awareness and is enjoying reading books.

Sharon Kelly

Julie conducted an assessment of my daughter. Right from the start she was comfortable working with Julie and was at ease and undertook the required tests and tasks. The report we received following the assessment was comprehensive. I particularly like how my child's strengths were highlighted with a balance of areas for her to work on. Many strategies and resources were suggested to support my daughter's learning.